Shalom, my name is Lilach Sheeff, Expert one black belt and Krav Maga senior instructor, and served as a soldier in the Israeli army.
Have you ever walked in a dark street, subway, parking lot, while suddenly noticing a suspicious person approaching you?
Did you feel scared? Insecure? Helpless? No more!

By the end of this course you will gain confidence and increase your sense of security in your everyday life.

As a woman, I have a unique understanding of what it is like to feel vulnerable and powerless in your everyday life. I know what is needed to take back that power!

I want to help you, your daughters, your friends be confident in your ability to defend yourself and feel empowered.

I will give you practical tips and tools for handling dangerous situations, and we will learn the basics of Krav Maga.

Watch a few minutes of me on Netflix’ “Somebody feed Phill”  (Season 1, Episode 3 – Tel Aviv, 25:25 Minutes)  

What you'll learn



My goal is to teach anyone who is ready, and willing, to defend herself. There is no need for prior experience or physical fitness, only the desire to trust that you can defend yourself. As a senior trainer in the international Krav maga federation, with the experience of hundreds of students, I have met a lot of women and girls who were attacked and abused. I have developed unique tools that will empower you to trust your ability to defend yourself, and if necessary, to handle other attacks in the future.

In addition, as a woman, and a mother, I have the understanding, and the sensitivity needed, to relate to how women and girls really feel when they are in danger. When a woman or a young girl is faced with harassment, she might freeze in place, even just to the sounds of the steps of a person following her. I am here to give you the tools to overcome this fear.

I invite you, your daughter, your friends to learn to defend yourselves. Because we don’t need anyone else, we can stand on our own. Everyone deserves to feel like wonder woman, and in my course, you will become such a woman. And I’ll tell you a secret – it’s not that hard! You don’t have to be strong or fit, you just need to know the techniques and believe you are capable.

*In my course, not only will you get practical tools for self defense, but also mental tools for developing your emotional power, and a stronger sense of confidence and security. Only with a combination of all these, you will be able to defend yourself in the future. You will learn how to overcome freezing in place, what to do when faced with harassment or threats and how to convey to your surroundings that you are not to be messed with.

We all know the feeling of fear when someone is walking behind us on the street, or of going inside an elevator alone, but no more!

Who this course is for: