Learn To Defend Yourself


Self Defense Through Krav Maga For Women, Teens & Girls

Hello, I’m Lilach Sheeff, an Israeli Krav Maga and self defense instructor.

I want to invite you to take my self defense online course for women, teens and girls, so that you can learn how to defend yourself, raise your self-confidence, empower your femininity and your sense of capability.

I will teach these tools through an Israeli self defense system – Krav Maga – that was specifically developed for dealing with day to day situations that can happen to us at work, school, or basically anywhere.

We all know that feeling of fear when someone is walking behind us on the street, or when getting into an elevator alone.

Through my online course you will acquire tools that will help you fend off attacks and project to your surroundings that you are not to be messed with! You will learn how to stop yourself from freezing, and how to raise your self confidence.

My online course is one of a kind, by women for women. The self-defence world is very male-dominated, but I am here to give you the tools from a woman’s perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Come join me and learn how to defend yourself!

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Why Should You Learn Self-defence For Women and Girls?

 Sadly, in our world today, women, teens and girls may find themselves threatened anywhere. Learning Krav Maga and self defence allows you to acquire the tools needed in order to fend off attacks and avoid such confrontations.

You may be thinking to yourself, “but how can I learn to defend myself through an online course?

It is true that this may be a little unconventional, but I assure you there are many advantages to learning through my video course:

Why Should You Learn Self-defense For Women and Girls?

I am Lilach Sheeff, Expert one black belt and Krav Maga instructor certified by The Wingate Institute and the IKMF, the International Krav Maga Federation.

But that is not the only reason you should take my course specifically.

As a woman, I have the understanding of how women and girls really feel when they are in danger. We, as women, know the feeling of being uncomfortable and threatened. In my online course you will get heaps of tools to help you deal with panic, freezing, and assault attempts, while raising your self-confidence in yourself and your abilities.

In addition, as a senior trainer in the international Krav Maga federation, with the experience of hundreds of students, I have met a lot of women and girls who were attacked and abused. I have developed unique tools that will empower you to trust your ability to defend yourself, and if necessary, to handle other attacks in the future.